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Top of the class!

Save up to 65% energy, regarding to tests made by the Swedish Energy authority, Energimyndigheten.

New modell ETK3500

New modell for smaller houses.


ENERGITEKNIK AB is building up their distributor network in Europe. Please contact us for further information.


ETK exhaust air heat pump is developed and produced by Energiteknik i Teckomatorp AB in Sweden. 

The company have since the 70s been working with cold and heat technology, a bit simplified this is called energy technology. Business areas includes refrigeration service, heat pumps, solar energy, contract production and sales of heat exchangers. We  did provide installation and service of cooling and freezing rooms, heat pumps and solar cells.

Since beginning of 2018, the company is reorganized by deviding the company. The ENERGITEKNIK i Teckomatorp AB will only deal with maintenance of refrigeration systems, and the newly registered company ETK HEAT AB will solely concentrate on the ETK heat pumps.

Experience of energy technology has over the years been acquired through long studies, practical work in installations and through trust and cooperation with our customers. We are pleased to share this experience with our customers by offering the right products and install them in the most advantageous way.

Quality work with quality products has been and will always be our guiding principle.

This, as well as being close to our customers when it is time for maintenance or repairing, is our strength.

Our premises

Since 2004 our office and workshop have been located at Plåtslagaregatan 5 in Teckomatorp. A strategic position in western Skåne with approximately 25 minutes to Lund, 35 minutes to Helsingborg and 40 minutes to Malmö.

js212.jpgOffice and workshop at Plåtslagaregatan 5 in Teckomatorp, Sweden.


Formerly our premises were located at Karlsgatan 40 in Teckomatorp but as the business continued to grow the need for larger premises increased. Hence the move to the new premises at Plåtslagaregatan.


                                                                                                            Our old premises at Karlsgatan 40 in Teckomatorp.


We are certified by the Swedish Cooling & Heat Pump Association.