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ETK3500 exhaust air heat pump utilizes the energy of the warm ventilation air that is generated partly by the heating system, and of all other sources of heat in the house, such as electronics, people, solar radiation, and all other waste heat that would otherwise be lost.

The recovery of 100% of the energy generated in the house is the benefits of a high efficiency exhaust air heat pump. The energy recovery is always effective regardless of outside temperature, unlike other types of heat pumps which lose power the colder the outside air becomes. An ETK3500 always has 20° C air to extract energy from, independent of outside temperature. Therefore, it provides full power under all operating conditions.

Save up to 65% energy, regarding to tests made by the Swedish Energy authority, Energimyndigheten.


ETK3500 is installed in houses with mechanical ventilation. The efficacy rate is suitable for houses with a living area of approximately 70-100 sq.m.

ETK3500 supplies the house with both heating and hot water. Fresh air is taken into the house through vents in exterior walls, grilles on the windows or other diffusers. Also a supply air unit, which is preheated by the heat pump, may be an option. Used exhaust air is vented through the house's duct system.

The room temperature exhaust air passes through the heat pump evaporator to ensure that all waste heat from the heat pumps electrical components has been taken. Through this efficient and well-dimensioned evaporator, maximum heat energy is received so that energy is transferred back into the heat pumps refrigerant circuit.

The now substantial refrigerated and consumed air is relegated outdoors. With an over-sized custom scroll compressor the energy is regained to the water circuit in the house through the condenser.

The steering in ETK3500 then controls a valve to either heat or hot water radiators, under floor heating, convector radiator or a combination of these.

After the compressor has indicated the maximum energy, at very cold weather and torrential filling of hot water, the comfort of living is then assured by further electrical output which is switched on in small steps when needed. In small houses with low energy requirements, these contributions will never be used.

ETK Function

Speed control

ETK3500 has a variable speed scroll compressor, which follows the necessity of heating in the house. The control of the ventilation fan is also variable speed driven, so that exactly the right air flow can be set. The customized computerized control of the heat-demand signals from the indoor temperature-sensor will influence the compressor to work under the best possible operating conditions.


Some advantages with ETK exhaust air heat pumps, in addition to the simple installation, is that they also provides legionella safe water, reduces radon risk and reduces mold problems. ETK exhaust air heat pumps are lower and quieter than similar products on the market. If the ceiling is particularly low, the ventilation connections can be mounted on the side of the heat pump. You can choose whether you want the heat pump to be in brushed aluminium or have a white finish.


Every ETK3500 exhaust air heat pump is produced individually by qualified refrigeration technicians.

Each heat pump is factory tested for at least 12 hours in well thought out programs before delivery.

Tested by the Swedish Energy Authority, Energimyndigheten.



ETK3500 is manufactured in Sweden by certified refrigeration technicians. The components come from well-proven world-leading suppliers.

ETK3500 is tested and adjusted before delivery.

RECOMMENDED LIVING SPACE                                                                              70-100 sqm

REQUIRED AIRVOLUME FLOW                                                                                90-125 cbm/h

HEAT POWER COMPRESSOR IN/OUT, AT 35C                                                         3,5/0,9 kW

HEAT POWER COMPRESSOR IN/OUT, AT 50C                                                         3,5/1,1 kW

MAX OUTPUT. INCL ELECTRIC HEATER                                                                   12,5 kW

ADITIONAL ELECTRICAL HEATING, THREE STAGE                                                  3x3x3 kW 9 kW OVERHEATING PROTECTION                                                                                  96°C

HOT TAP WATER TEMP .  DJUSTABLE                                                                    45-60°C

HOT TAP WATER VOLUME AT 40C 8 l/min                                                               250 liter  

COMPRESSOR                                                                                                       SCROLL INVERTER

VENT. FAN     STEPLESS ADJUSTABLE PRESSUREDRIVE                                     A-CLASS

CIRK. PUMP ADJUSTABLE STEPLESS PRESSUREDRIVE                                        A-CLASS

FUSED          three phase                                                                                         3 X 16A

OMNIPOLAR CIRCUIT BREAKER                                                                              minimum 300 ma

VOLTAGE                                                                                                                3-phase

COOLING MEDIA                                                                                                      R134  1,1 kg

EXPANSION TANK                                                                                                   18 liter  

HEIGHT                                                                                                                    1960 mm

ADD. vent. CONNECTION                                                                                          APPRX.. 30 mm

MAX CEILING HEIGHT         (exl. Pallet) REQUIRED (corner to corner).                         2060 mm

WIDTH                                                                                                                      600 mm

DEPTH                                                                                                                      660 mm

WEIGHT                                                                                                                    appr. 220 kg  


HEATING FORTH AND BACK                                                                                      COPPER 22 mm

COLD-/HOTWATER                                                                                                     COPPER 22 mm

INCOMING /OUTGOING AIR                                                                                         125 mm



SIDE CONNECTION FOR AIR AT LOW CEALING HEIGHT.                                             YES

EXTERNAL AIR TO AIR HEAT PUMP.                                                                            YES

PHOTO VOLTAIC SOLAR PANELS                                                                                YES

                                                                                                                                      COLOR                                                                                                                     STAINLESSSTEAL

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ALT. WHITE